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Ministry Tools

Mission Next: How the Church Can Reach A Global Generation by Eric Larsen.

The NEXT Institute's official website, including blog articles, book reviews, and lesson plans for youth ministry.

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Youth Ministry Thinking

The NEXT Institute's official website, including blog articles, book reviews, and lesson plans for youth ministry

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Meet Generation Z: Understanding and Reaching the New Post-Christian World by James Emery White.

A valuable book that will help you better understand those who were born between 1993 and 2012. Helpful for anyone who is called to work with that age demographic.

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Your First Two Years In Youth Ministry: A Personal and Practical Guide To Starting Right by Doug Fields.

A straightforward book that provides solid advice on how to establish a youth program. The principles of this book can be adapted for different cultural contexts.

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This Changes Everything : How the Gospel Transforms the Teen Years by Jaquelle Crow.

This is an interesting book written by a young lady in her late teens that covers everything from identity being rooted in Christ to the impact of our relationships. Could be a worthwhile book for teenagers who are wrestling with how their faith informs their day to day living.

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Rebels Rescued: A Students Guide to Reformed Theology by Brian Cosby.

Easy to read, short book written for teenagers that lays out the basics of Reformed Theology in an understandable way.

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Ministry Foundations

Growing Young: Six Essential Strategies to Help Young People Discover and Love Your Church by Kara Powell.

A positive look at ways that the local church can engage with the next generation to help them understand their role within in the Body of Christ.

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Youth Ministry in the 21 st Century: 5 Views edited by Chap Clark.

Helpful book that gives an in depth look at 5 models of youth ministry through the eyes of practitioners of those models. After each author presents their view, the other four authors offer critique which helps the reader gain a fuller perspective of each view.

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Gospel Centered Youth Ministry edited by Cameron Cole and Jon Neilson.

This book covers many of the important issues of youth ministry through a Gospel centered lens.

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Recommended, Like-Minded Organization

Reformed Youth Ministries

A reformed youth ministry organization that works directly with youth leaders and churches to help build sustainable local church youth ministry. They do everything from youth leader training to summer conferences. (Next Favorite)

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Rooted Ministry

Full of helpful blog posts, articles and resources for parents, youth workers and pastors. Rooted is a group of evangelical youth folks who are theologically reformed who are working to resource others who work with students.

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The Youth Cartel

Frontline Evangelical youth ministry organization that can be a good starting point when looking for youth ministry resources.

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THE TCK Transition

Hidden in my Heart: A TCK's Journey through Cultural Transition (Taylor Murray)

Written as a series of individual prayers to God, this book tells a TCK’s story as Taylor wrestles with her emotions of her journey to ultimately pursue God’s perspective on her life.

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Global Nomad's Guide to University Transition (Tina Quick)

This book is a helpful guide for those TCKs who are anticipating a transition into college, with emotional, social, and practical helps to help them succeed.

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Inside Out (Disney/Pixar)

Although this film is geared toward elementary age kids, this is a perfect story to consider the complexity of emotions in transition.

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A Life Overseas (Elizabeth Trotter, others)

This blog is a collection of stories of a variety of topics for ex-pats, including helpful stories about TCKs and other issues.

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Returning Well (Melissa Chaplin)

This book helps make healthy re-entry possible as a workbook for the missionary family to engage their story in a conversation with God.

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What is a TCK?

Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds (David Pollock, Ruth Van Reken)

This is the classic book describing the profile of a Third Culture Kid and their particular emotional and psychological realities that are part of their journey.

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The Road Home (Rahul Gandotra)

Growing up in England, ten-year- old Pico struggles to fit in at boarding school in the Himalayas. He encounters the truth about his identity as a TCK. PG

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Michele Phoenix (Michele Phoenix)

A missionary kid with 20 years experience of training MKs, Michele has a category on her website of helpful articles for MKs.

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Home Keeps Moving (Heidi Sand-Hart)

A memoir from a TCK talking about the challenges of frequent cross-cultural moves.

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TCK Discipleship/Care

Belonging Everywhere and Nowhere: Insights into Counseling the Globally Mobile (Lois J. Bushong)

A licensed marriage and family therapist offers practical insights about how to counsel TCKs who face a particular set of issues related to their life between cultures.

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Raising Resilient MKs (Joyce M. Bowers)

This is a collection of articles of experts in care for MKs, available as a free PDF download.

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The ReEntry Team: Caring for your Returning Missionaries (Neal Pirolo)

This is a helpful resource for a missions committee or a supporting team to know how to care for the missionary family through repatriation.

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Raising Global Nomads: Parenting Abroad in an On-Demand World (Robin Pascoe)

This is a memoir from a parent of MKs who shares the lessons she learned along the way.

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Recommended, Like-Minded Organizations

Mission Training International

Mission Training International’s vision is to see cross-cultural messengers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ experience effectiveness, endurance, and personal vitality. MTI offers whole family training, age-appropriate classrooms for children. Their Debriefing and Renewal Program takes place in Colorado.

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Barnabas International

This organization exists to edify, encourage, enrich and strengthen God’s global servants in ministry and their families. They creatively seek ways to fulfill this charter through a variety of ministry models, and are first pastoral care providers, shepherding the hearts and souls of God’s people.

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Interaction International

This organization is committed to meeting the needs of TCKs as children and as adults with families; meeting the needs of parents who are raising and educating their children overseas; assisting international schools as they educate and care for TCKs; equip those people who work with and within the expatriate community; and being a catalyst and a resource in the developing of programs and services to better meet the needs of internationally mobile families and TCKs.

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Parenting Adolescents

Understanding Adolescence

The Space Between: A Parent's Guide to Teenage Development (Walt Mueller)

This tiny book is a great resource to put in the hands of parents early on in their parenting (10-14) to jump-start thoughts on what is happening as their child moves into adolescence.

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Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain (Daniel J. Siegel)

For those parents hoping to understand more about what is going on in the mind of their kids, this is a wonderfully accessible introduction to the teenage brain.

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The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth, and The Overachievers (Alexandra Robbins)

In each book, Robbins traces the lives of a group of teens through a year in high school, providing insight into how teens really experience their world. Her conversational yet journalistic style make these eye-opening books to read.

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You Lost Me (David Kinnaman)

As adolescence extends through the 20s, Kinnaman explores why some students leave their faith (or aspects of it) behind. Kinnaman's insights can help parents and ministries understand the students that no longer come to church, and the conversations they can have with these students.

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Parenting Tools

Learning for the Love of God: A Guide to Academic Faithfulness (Donald Opitz and Derek Melleby)

A short guide to being a faithful Christian and a good student at the same time, especially for upper-high school and new college students

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The Fabric of Faithfulness (Steven Garber)

An incredible, deep book for parents and high school students transitioning to college to read through slowly together that sparks conversations about vocation and building one's own faith.

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Popologetics: Popular Culture in Christian Perspective (Ted Turnau)

As culture is literally the soup in which our students swim, teaching them to consume it well and see the gospel in it is paramount. No book does a better job of giving parents and youth workers the categories to teach their students a well-rounded view of culture.

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How to Use Your Head to Guard Your Heart (Walt Mueller)

An additional tool for helping students work through choices in culture. Walt’s 3(D) pattern for cultural discernment (Discover, Discern, and Decide) is a helpful way to shape conversations with your kid.

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Numb Generations (Kara Powell)

This TED-style talk given at the Q-Ideas conference is a wonderful discussion-starter for groups of parents and students about the complex effects of technologies in their lives.

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Recommended, Like-Minded Organization

The Youth Culture Report

A website delivering daily news on youth culture to equip Christians to understand youth and make bridges for the advancement of the Gospel.

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The Center for Parent/Youth Understanding

A non-profit organization committed to building strong families by serving to bridge the cultural- generational gap between parents and teenagers.  Founded in 1989 by Walt Mueller, CPYU has developed an international reputation as a voice providing cutting-edge information, resources and analysis on today’s youth culture.

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Fuller Youth Institute

In partnership with Fuller Theological Seminary, FYI transforms cutting-edge research into resources for leaders and parents to help unlock young people's potential and unleash them to change the world. FYI’s Sticky Faith offers practical resources for youth ministry and parenting; it also offers research- based strategies for integrating young people to create a thriving church, and offers essential training vital to effective urban youth ministry.

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