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MK Discovery & Discipleship

Long range: to develop a global discipleship strategy that proactively invites MKs to remain a part of the missional community and mobilizes them in kingdom ministry.

Short range: to bring together a group of our MTW MKs together with staff in a pilot project to learn from them and to develop models to mentor, train and disciple.

We believe that our MKs could become significant and effective participants in cross-cultural, global mission.

Over a quarter of our MKs around the world are currently in the stages of late adolescence and emerging adulthood (high school graduates, gap year students, & current college students).  This age range constitutes a time in which MKs are transitioning from a positional relationship with their sending organization to a relationship of choice.

MKs are uniquely wired for crossing cultures, and their native Cultural Intelligence (CQ) makes them poised to have a significant impact in a rapidly globalizing world.

Michael Pollock, Executive Director of Daraja and son of late Dave Pollock (author of Third Culture Kids), has pointed out that Next's role with MKs, and especially our role with MKs as they continue after their missions experience with their parents, is unique in the mission world.  This represents an opportunity not only for MTW, but for the broader missions community to determine if follow-up discipleship can possibly retain more MKs in missions roles.

Recruit up to 10 MKs for a short-term pilot project.

The pilot project would combine practical ministry experiences (short-term project), intentional discipleship (learning about how God has designed them, how He is at work in & through their experiences, how He may be preparing & calling them), and long-range planning.  This will be part of the learning process for both the MKs and Next staff in the development of the ministry.

Recruit a well-known international speaker and practitioner in TCK ministry to provide ministry of the Word, guidance, consulting, & counsel.

The ability of participant MKs to integrate their experience with an understanding of their personal discipleship and calling as they move forward into the next stage of their lives.

Students emerging from the program into leadership roles and areas of impact in kingdom service both in the church and in the world.


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Spring 2017


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July 7-10, 2017

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July 10-15, 2017

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