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Sending, Training, Sustaining


Serving Local, Sending Global

Next seeks to impact communities across the world by partnering with local churches, church-planting efforts, and like-minded organizations to engage the young people in their midst.   

This effort focuses first on deploying personnel to work hands-on with adolescents and emerging adults in a variety of local ministries; building redemptive relationships with youth and families as we live out the gospel in community; and offering seminars and consulting on parenting, youth culture, and next generation ministry.

Meet our team of next-generation missionaries, & growing network of associates & partners. Explore cross-cultural missions & service opportunities at Mission to the World, our sending organization.

50% of kids raised in Christian homes leave the Church during college.


Mobilizing & Multiplying

Next also seeks to multiply its Kingdom impact by equipping and encouraging global church leaders to serve as catalysts for next generation ministry in their churches and communities.   

This vision focuses on mobilizing global youth ministers to serve as catalysts, resources, and leaders in ministry among the emerging generation around the world; equipping national leaders and indigenous churches to reach the emerging generation; and developing strategic partnerships with like-minded agencies, churches, organizations, and institutions to establish youth ministry movements in communities around the world.

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50% of missionaries who leave the field leave over family issues.


Serving the Third Culture Community

Next seeks to serve the Third Culture Community by supporting and celebrating mission kids and their families through the unique opportunities and challenges of adolescence and the Third Culture Kid (TCK) experience.   

We pursue with goal by facilitating retreats, conferences, and mission trips as opportunities for TCKs to be together, to be known, and to experience the love of God through redemptive relationships, authentic worship, and engaging God’s Word; educating, equipping, and encouraging mission leadership and parents on Third Culture Kid issues and care; and deploying personnel to invest in the lives of TCKs and their families.

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